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The purpose to travel to the Holy Land is to learn about the cultural, historical, and religious wealth of Israel and Palestine. To discover how Christians Muslims and Jews live together in a small piece of land. The politics of the Middle East is a fascinating area to explore, and there is so much history to offer Christians, Jews, and Muslims alike.

The pilgrimage to the Holy Land is a special time of spiritual journey for Christians. Pilgrimage is a time in which we recommit ourselves to living a Christian life, a pilgrimage life. Most groups follow a regular itinerary. The Holy-Land-Trips presents the Holy Land in a unique, unexplored, fun, enjoyable, and uninhibited way.

There are 8 important facts you must know in order to have the best experience:

  1. Traveling to the Holy Land is much safer than staying at home in the UK, the US, or most other Western countries. Moreover, personal security is highest and crime is lowest compared to many Western countries and cities. It is true that there is an ongoing conflict between Israelis and Palestinians, and the media is ready to report every big and small incident, BUT the daily lives of both peoples is totally different Come and see yourself. We walk the streets day and night with no fear of getting kidnapped, stolen, or harmed in any way. People go out of their way to help, especially if they are tourists. I raised my three children in Jerusalem, and thank God I live in a safe country. The conflict is between Israelis and Palestinians; tourists have never been involved.
  1. Anytime is good to visit the Holy Land. Most people come during September, October, November, March, April, and May, probably because tickets are cheaper and they like to hit the beaches on hot summer days. But if you want to avoid long queues at the sites, it is best to come during June, July, August, January, and February. Besides, Israel has some good beaches too.
  1. The holy land is a small place, so you can reach all the important places within a maximum of two and a half hours, depending on traffic, of course. Most tourists stay in Jerusalem hotels, where the rates are double compared with Bethlehem hotels, which are only 10 minutes away. There is an Israeli checkpoint you have to pass, but it is not an issue for tourists. It is best to stay in Bethlehem Christian hotels; you can save a lot. Besides, they give personal care to their guests.
  1. If you are traveling with your family and not with a large group, buying your tickets online is cheaper. Travel agents' markup is a lot on tickets. You can buy the land tour from a travel agent like us.
  1. In order to have the best experience, learn the most, and save time and money, you must tour with a trustworthy guide and driver. A guide who is knowledgeable and knows the ins and outs will save you a lot of trouble.
  1. The Holy Land souvenir stores are probably the best in the world. The stores are filled with arts and crafts, all made by local artisans and jewelers. Whether it's olive wood, mother of pearl, gold, silver, or diamond jewelry, all are beautifully crafted. Now the shocking thing is that drivers get no salaries; they rely totally on tips and commissions, and those shops that pay higher commissions to guides and drivers will get the clients. The commission is as high as 50%, so anything you buy costs you at least double the price. You end up paying a lot more than you planned. Then, if you don't buy or tip, you will get the cold shoulder. Artisans and jewelers also suffer because they can sell much more if their items are sold at reasonable prices.
  1. In an organized tour, the guides will not give you free time, so you will not be able to explore on your own and compare prices. It is so much fun to explore the old markets with narrow alleys and small shops and cafes. It is a pity that most tourists do not get this experience.
  1. Food is also one of the things that gives you the opportunity to explore the culture of the local people. Most tourists do not experience the real taste of the local dishes. They are taken to restaurants, where guides and drivers take commissions as well. There is no need to say the food is not good.


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